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Faq – A Guide

A Guide

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our Network relies on tens of millions of potential students who look for a postgraduate program on the internet. Our goal is to help them make one of the most important decisions of their careers- which program to choose.

The purpose of our network is to provide international students looking for a postgraduate program with useful information for choosing a fast, flexible and low-cost study program.

The network mainly targets adult students: professionals, managers, entrepreneurs, looking for a suitable study program for career development.

Keeping in mind our mission that is to facilitate adult students career and academic progression, we mainly have postgraduate program: MBA, DBA, PhD with excellent value for money.

Study programs are selected in a perspective of being easy delivered and received. We present PhD and DBA by Research programs and Master by APEL (Accreditation Prior Experiential Learning) programs suitable for adult students who have already graduated and can neither leave their jobs nor attend a campus.

Our Network’s mission is to give everyone the opportunity to access a postgraduate study program. That is why all programs we recommend are Low Cost and their cost can be split into convenient monthly installments. Compared to other universities, the costs of our programs is at least 60 percent off.

We help students and institutions optimize their digital presence and get their needs together. Through online promotion, we help students find the right program for their future and career. We also help institutions meet students easily by providing the necessary assistance.

Your request is forwarded to the institution offering the study program. You will receive all the information about the program without any commitment on your part. Later, you can check whether the study program is suitable for you and your career needs.

No, it is absolutely free. Economically, our site supports itself through advertising.


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With our network, we help students find the most suitable and convenient study path.

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