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Master of Business Administration (MBA)
20 Oct

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Professional Degree
Very useful for a management career

For many years now a lot of entrepreneurs, managers and professionals from all over the world have been looking for MBA degrees for career advancement. Informal universities that deliver executive study programs play a key role. A professional degree, such as the MBA, has an important function in certifying professional skills and it is very useful in enhancing one's professionalism.

An important role for universities delivering executive programs is played by Distance learning or online programs by APEL (Accreditation Prior Experiential Learning). There are just a few programs like these in Europe and around the world. A program by APEL allows a manager to bypass two years of campus attendance and quickly reach his or her academic goal taking some few exams, or in some cases, none. The students usually have to prove their professional skills through an original thesis in their expertise branch.

Normally, these programs are reserved for candidates with a Bachelor's degree and at least 5 years of professional experience. An executive MBA by APEL has very strong positive effects on managers’ and professionals’ careers because it academically confirms an established framework of skills. The result is a great increase in one's potential to contract with clients, company and the world of work in general.


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