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An MBA to address the digital transition. A necessary change
09 Sep

An MBA to address the digital transition. A necessary change?

Times are changing. To have skills for digital transactions has become vital for many managers. Sometimes this training becomes critical to keep a job or to grow in the company. Trainers, coaches, universities are engaged in this transition to digital that is creating quite a few problems for companies that, often, end up with an obsolete management team, incapable of rapid progression to the new digital world. An MBA (Master of Business Administration) can be very helpful, if not crucial.

Today, it is possible to have one's professional credentials verified and turned into academic credits through APEL (Accreditation Prior Experiential Learning). That allows the most qualified profiles to directly access the final dissertation and develop their own independent dissertation. The thesis is an extraordinary way to rediscover: through literature review of different study fields, managers and professionals find out that the world is changing and that they can interact effectively with this change. An MBA by APEL having precise goals, clear objectives and a competent supervisor make it possible to discover and implement new visions of management, while bringing out original contexts. Those can be used as performing elements in one's own company or in the services to clients.  No change is possible without careful study and for a manager, it is never too late to develop and grow. This is why we believe that an MBA by APEL is the best way to discover the digital world towards change with no need of returning to a physical Campus.


Mohammed T. (not verified)

Wed, 05/17/2023 - 16:04

I agree with every single word you shared.

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