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Distance Learning. Is it possible to earn an MBA in one year
25 Nov

Distance Learning. Is it possible to earn an MBA in one year?

In the current economic environment and especially in the area of Management, to have an MBA (Master of Business Administration) certifying the skills of one's business operating branch is crucial, especially in the area of Management. However, taking a course to obtain a traditional MBA is not easy especially for managers, professionals, CEOs and entrepreneurs, engaged in the business world. However, at some point in one's managerial or professional career, a new academic certification such as a MBA becomes essential. Useful to revitalize one's CV, to stick to the demands of a change or to move to a higher career position in another business sector. For example, moving from the Logistics branch to Human Resources, from Marketing to Communications, from Administration to Finance etc.

To certify one's skills in a business branch, an MBA is an extraordinary means that not only confirms skills but indicates high education in a given business field. Today, a manager, a CEO or a professional can also obtain an MBA via APEL (Accreditation Prior Experiential Learning). The APEL method is an evaluation of the candidate's CV, turning managerial experience and previous studies into academic credits in order to obtain a degree. The importance of an MBA by APEL in global business lies in the certainty that its holder has written a thesis in a specific branch of management, reviewed the literature and included new elements of originality; the thesis is reviewed and evaluated by a qualified academic board. The path by APEL is rapid and depends on the time frame of the thesis, so it is possible to earn an MBA in as short as one year, with the flexibility needed by managers and professionals. However, to choose the right university is of utmost importance. Usually, the right choice is driven by student reviews and Google or Pilot ratings.

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